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Welcome to 2020 Vision Credit Repair! It is a common shared term that "Hindsight is 2020". We can see clearly when we look back at decisions, and choices we have made that later become obstacles for things we want to achieve currently. Are there some choices that you have made that you wish you could have back, or …

Our Challenge

Many items appear on our credit report that are not accurate or errors on behalf of the creditor or the credit bureau. These errors can negatively impact our credit score. The negative impact typically results in high interest rates, large deposits, or simply not getting approved at all. Therefore, this credit report …


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Credit Control

Credit Control

Credit Consultation

Free Consultation to analyze and construct a customized blueprint to improve and increase your credit score.
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Credit Restoration

With a 3 round method, items are disputed and removed legally. Process can range in time and generally takes 3 to 6 months.
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Tradelines and Credit Builders

Adding our credit building tradelines immediately impacts your credit score by reflecting 1 or more years of positive credit history to …

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